Top 5 Sandbox Games of All Time

Rate this Article Sandbox games have become increasingly popular over the years and, as of today, some of the most popular games in the world are sandbox games. In this article we’ll be talking about the very best sandbox games out there. Sandbox Games - Top 5 Sandbox Games of All Time

Picking out five top tier sandbox games was no easy task because this genre has tons upon tons of spectacular game that can get their players absolutely hooked. However, after quite a bit of thought, we finally landed on our top 5. We took many factors into consideration when deciding what games would land a spot on this list such as visuals, how much freedom a game offers, social aspects and various other things.

The following 5 sandbox games are those that we feel are the very best that you can play right now.

1: Trove

Trove is a spectacular sandbox game that features a very bright and vibrant art style for the players to enjoy. The best thing about Trove is the fact that it’s pretty much packed with things to do so you’ll never feel idle while playing it. The game also has an in-depth class system and multiple different classes to choose from so you’ll be able to pick a class that fits your play-style the most. Whether you’re into building structures or embarking on dangerous adventures, Trove have you hooked.

2: Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is a very unique game and this is primarily because of its emphasis on socializing. Social aspects are normally a very integral part of games in this genre but this particular game seems to emphasize on it a lot more than other games do and this definitely leads to a lot of fun gameplay experiences in which you and your friends can go around exploring worlds designed by other players or completing challenges to prove your skills.

3: Minecraft

You can’t really have a list of top tier sandbox games and not include Minecraft in that list. Minecraft pretty much revolutionized this genre at its release and, as of right now, is one of the most played games in the world. Minecraft’s popularity mainly stems from the fact that its gameplay allows you to do pretty much anything you want. Whether it’s creating massive buildings, completing parkour challenges, slaying monsters or just exploring the game world, Minecraft has it all.

4: Minetest

Minetest is an awesome game that draws quite a lot of inspiration from InfiniMiner and Minecraft. Minetest game manages to combine the very best gameplay elements of the games that it’s inspired by into one neat little package to make for an extraordinary experience for players.

5: DayZ

The thing that sets DayZ apart from other sandbox games is its feast or famine nature. The game is quite enjoyable but is definitely one of the most challenging games of its kind out there because you’ll have to hold your own against the dangers of the game world and also other players who will try to take you out for their own benefit.

Overall, we the sandbox games mentioned above are hands down some of the best that we’ve had the pleasure of trying out. Needless to say, we recommend giving them a shot because of how well designed and engaging they are.

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