What is Bazaar Tracker and Why You Should Use It?

Rate this Article If you’re the kind of player to flip items at the auction house in MMOs and you happen to play Hypixel Skyblock, then listen up! You can now just use the Bazaar Tracker and (finally) dump those spreadsheets. Sandbox Games - What is Bazaar Tracker and Why You Should Use It?

If you’re a huge fan of the highly-celebrated indie voxel-based sandbox game, Minecraft, surely you are familiar with the many player-created servers and maps that had gained popularity within the community. One of those maps is the survival-themed Skyblock map and one of those servers is the Hypixel. Well, let’s find out more about them first, shall we?

Touted as being one of the most popular Minecraft maps to have ever been created, Skyblock is a survival map that’s set on a floating island where the goal is to complete all 50 of the challenges given. The challenge here is that you have limited resources and depending on the biome you get, you might need to get a bit creative in getting the stuff you need.

Now, although the Hypixel server supports the Skyblock map, the Hypixel version is quite different. In a way, the game was converted into some form of MMO. Here, players get to choose which class to play as and they can progress through the game by getting class upgrades or even unlocking new class specializations. As opposed to having a single island, you have a swathe of them to travel to and explore. You can even play with friends via its party system.

Hypixel Skyblock

Similar to a traditional MMO as well, there are NPCs who function as quest givers, offering you unique daily and weekly quests. There are guilds that you can join, though to set up one of your own, you’ll need to have VIP+ status first. The server also comes with a host of unique mini-games, such as Turbo Kart Racers, Mega Walls, Blitz Survival Games, and many more!

This is truly an impressive feat especially considering that Hypixel was originally a YouTube channel that showcases the Minecraft adventure maps that it has created.

As you may expect, like any good, self-respecting MMO, Hypixel Skyblock has its own in-game economy where players trade their surplus items for money at the Hypixel Bazaar. However, unlike some of the larger MMOs like World of Warcraft or Rift, there aren’t any tools for players to use to keep track of the products being moved through the bazaar. In fact, many players are still using spreadsheets – Yes, spreadsheets! - to track their investments and to know when something’s worth buying and flipping for a nice profit margin.

This is where the Bazaar Tracker comes in!

Developed by a passionate and active player of Hypixel Skyblock known as “Chazza”, the website tracker lists every product in the bazaar, making it super easy for you to track the most profitable items as well as the most in-demand item, and hence, to flip the items for a nice profit.

Hypixel Skyblock: Bazaar

Every product in the bazaar also has its own dedicated page with graphs outlining the item’s buy and sell prices over a 24-hour and 1-week window, along with other crucial details that would be helpful to the enterprising player.

Naturally, not every player “game” the bazaar, it all depends on how you play the game. However, the website can be incredible useful even for the average player. You can, for instance, use the website as a way to know the average market price of a product you want to buy, like the Nether Wart, before actually spending a dime. This way, you won’t ever have to overpay for an item again!

Inversely, this works for selling an item you no longer want or need too. You find out the average market price of said item, list your item at the recommended price for an instant sale if you need the cash urgently, or if not, you can try your luck and list the product at a slightly higher price. There's even a section called Top Crafts where you can instantly craft and then sell a variety of items at the recommended price. You do you… with the help of the Bazaar Tracker, of course!

Besides having a “dark theme”, there’s also a little bonus to the Bazaar Tracker. It has a Discord channel that you can join to make use of its Discord bot. The bot is designed to let users search for a product, or locate the product that can be sold for the most profit or has the highest demand.

So, all in all, if you are an active player on Hypixel Skyblock, the Bazaar Tracker is the kind of indispensable tool of a website that you can use whenever you need to buy or sell something on the bazaar. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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