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Spiele, in denen du reisen und eine Welt voller Rätsel, Quests und Monster erkunden kannst, um zu kämpfen. Trove 8.5 Trove Sandbox Game Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Immerse yourself in this extraordinary game that blends together sandbox gameplay with a RPG elements.

Travel across a massive game world that’s filled to the brim with amazing sights to see.

Complete challenging quests that’ll take you into the deepest and darkest corners of the world where dangerous foes lurk.
ArcheAge 10 ArcheAge Sandbox Game Ships Fantasy Setting Spieler vs Spieler Do your part in the world of ArcheAge, a breathtaking game that you won’t be able to let go of.

Customize your character according to your preferences to get the character class that fits your play-style the best.

Explore an enormous game world that holds thousands of secrets for the players to uncover.
Minecraft 10 Minecraft Sandbox Game Co-op Kinderspiele Voxel-based Spieler vs Spieler Abenteuer Mine for blocks in the expansive, voxel-based world in Minecraft to craft useful objects

Create masterpieces ranging from lavish homes to magnificent monuments in the game

Fight dangerous creatures that come out when it's dark and explore the many caverns of the underworld
Medieval Exploration Craft 3D 9 Medieval Exploration Craft 3D Virtuelle Welt Sandbox Game Aufbau Kinderspiele Let your imagination run wild in this Sandbox game.

From palaces to small statues, build whatever comes to your mind with no restrictions.

Unlock cool building blocks and decorate your structures with a wide variety of flowers.
CreatiVerse - CreatiVerse Virtuelle Welt Sandbox Game Survival Aufbau Voxel-based Sci-Fi Free Roam Roam a Voxel based sandbox game and craft your own world the way you like it by yourself or with friends.

Brings cube based adventure gaming a step higher with high-tech gameplay and awesome graphics.

Experience an amazing hybrid of a game with regular awesome animation mixed with a Voxel based world.
Mythruna - Mythruna Sandbox Game Voxel-based Enjoy this innovative game that aims to take the sandbox genre to new heights.

Do what you please as you make your way through a randomly generated sandbox world that’s filled with fun things to do.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful game world that’s loaded with vibrant colors and detailed textures.
Createrria 2 - Createrria 2 Sandbox Game Gesellschaft Platformer Enjoy this spectacular game that’ll actually let you create your own very own mini-games.

Use the multitudes of tools that the game will put at your disposal to create challenging and intriguing levels.

Share your games with the world so that players from everywhere can enjoy them.
Angeldust - Angeldust Virtuelle Welt Sandbox Game Aufbau Abenteuer Fantasy Setting Explore endless and beautiful magical worlds in Angeldust, and battle furiously against powerful monsters to level up.

Use your wide imagination to design and build beautiful buildings.

Play as an imaginative builder, a brave and powerful fighter, a stealthy scout, or a queer sorceress.
Survival Craft Online - Survival Craft Online Sandbox Game Aufbau Spieler vs Spieler Competitive Crafting Survival Hunting Arena Survive in the ancient civilization with sticks and stones in Survival Craft Online.

Collect resources, hunt for food and fight random players from all over the world.

Battle in an epic Arena mode and finish as many players as you can in a limited time.
AdventureCraft: Survive and Craft - AdventureCraft: Survive and Craft Sandbox Game Survival Voxel-based Do whatever you please in this immersive sandbox game that you won't be able to let go of.

Use your creativity to put together many breathtaking structures.

Fight a variety of different enemies who will try their best to hinder your progress.

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