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Juegos con gráficas 2D que frecuentemente son planas, con los objetos y personajes del juego representados por patrones geométricos o derechos. The Sandbox 7.7 The Sandbox Sandbox Game Magic Mini Games The Gods Play as the creator and build a world of your own with bodies of land and water.

Choose from the many elements in the game, such as stone, soil, and water to build your world.

Introduce humans into it and either help or destroy civilizations as you see fit.
The Sandbox Evolution 10 The Sandbox Evolution Sandbox Game Mini Games Play this thrilling sandbox game that’ll let you do pretty much every single thing you want.

Enjoy lots of amazing gameplay levels designed by talented and creative players from around the world.

Make use of the multitudes of materials, resources and powers at your disposal to create entire worlds.
Everybody Edits 9 Everybody Edits Sandbox Game Construcción Voxel-based Create your own world, or let others help you.

Explore and experience other people’s worlds.

Edit other people’s worlds if they give you permission.
Haven and Hearth 9 Haven and Hearth Sandbox Game Survival Construcción Guilds Develop your in-world skills to have a better chance of survival.

Forge alliances with other players by forming Kinships within the game.

Construct your own Havens, or defend them from other players.
Createrria 2 - Createrria 2 Sandbox Game Social Platformer Enjoy this spectacular game that’ll actually let you create your own very own mini-games.

Use the multitudes of tools that the game will put at your disposal to create challenging and intriguing levels.

Share your games with the world so that players from everywhere can enjoy them.
Growtopia - Growtopia Sandbox Game Construcción Social Realize your imagination by building your creation from the ground up

Discover new types of blocks by splicing “seeds” of various items

Invite your friends over to your world to hang out and have some fun

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