Games Like Blockstar Planet

Explore a world in beautiful voxel-based visuals.

Customize your robot with items you get from your adventures.

Play blaster matches against fellow players in the virtual world.
Growtopia - Growtopia Sandbox Game Building Social Realize your imagination by building your creation from the ground up

Discover new types of blocks by splicing “seeds” of various items

Invite your friends over to your world to hang out and have some fun
Exploration Lite 8 Exploration Lite Sandbox Game Building Exploration Voxel-based Choose from a wide variety of blocks and build whatever you like

Explore the procedurally-generated, voxel-based world in Exploration Lite

Activate flying mode and enjoy building or exploring from above the ground
SimpleCraft 2 - SimpleCraft 2 Sandbox Game Voxel-based Play this innovative sandbox game that’ll have you engaged for countless hours.

Explore enormous game worlds, each with their own secrets and stories.

Use your creativity to build many amazing creations.
Minetest 10 Minetest Sandbox Game Voxel-based Enjoy this awesome sandbox game that lets players carve out their very own world.

Take control of the near infinite world to create many amazing things.

Play with friends or others from around the world to enhance your experience to a whole new level.
Blocksworld - Blocksworld Sandbox Game Let your creativity loose in this awesome sandbox game that has absolutely no limits.

Design your very own characters from scratch and customize them according to your preferences.

Use your creative skills to put together full-fledged boss fights and other levels for players to complete.
The Blockheads - The Blockheads Sandbox Game Building Crafting Use the correct tools to collect materials from the game environment for crafting

Craft a wide variety of tools, furniture, blocks and other items

Build whatever you like while making sure that your blockheads are happy and well-rested
The Sandbox Evolution 10 The Sandbox Evolution Sandbox Game Mini Games Play this thrilling sandbox game that’ll let you do pretty much every single thing you want.

Enjoy lots of amazing gameplay levels designed by talented and creative players from around the world.

Make use of the multitudes of materials, resources and powers at your disposal to create entire worlds.
Planet of Cubes Survival Games - Planet of Cubes Survival Games Survival Building Take your block-building skills online and play Planet of Cubes Survival Games, one of the first games of its kind.

Survive in the harsh cube-filled world with other players, or show your artistry in creative mode!

Explore a vast, infinite world, fight against mobs like monsters and zombies.
Voxelands - Voxelands Sandbox Game Exploration Voxel-based Play this addicting sandbox game that’ll have you glued to your screen for hours.

Explore an enormous game world that’s filled to the brim with adventure and opportunity.

Craft new items that’ll help you out tremendously on your journey.
Angeldust - Angeldust Virtual World Sandbox Game Building Adventure Fantasy Setting Explore endless and beautiful magical worlds in Angeldust, and battle furiously against powerful monsters to level up.

Use your wide imagination to design and build beautiful buildings.

Play as an imaginative builder, a brave and powerful fighter, a stealthy scout, or a queer sorceress.

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