Games Like Minecraft

Mine for blocks in the expansive, voxel-based world in Minecraft to craft useful objects

Create masterpieces ranging from lavish homes to magnificent monuments in the game

Fight dangerous creatures that come out when it's dark and explore the many caverns of the underworld
Cubes Craft: Block Planet - Cubes Craft: Block Planet Sandbox Game Survival Voxel-based Enjoy this awesome sandbox game that’s filled to the brim with content to enjoy.

Choose from multiple game modes, each with its own unique settings.

Immerse yourself in an enormous game world where the only limit is the one you create.
iLands - iLands Sandbox Game Social Voxel-based Build anything you want in this exciting sandbox game that you can enjoy on the go.

Explore the world to see all the secrets that it holds.

Visit the lands made by your friends to hang out with one another.
Blockstar Planet - Blockstar Planet Kid Safe Voxel-based Player vs Player (PvP) Robots Explore a world in beautiful voxel-based visuals.

Customize your robot with items you get from your adventures.

Play blaster matches against fellow players in the virtual world.
Block World - Block World Sandbox Game Exploration Voxel-based Enjoy playing a Minecraft-like game in survival or free play mode

Build your own shelters or have fun constructing huge projects

Hunt down a wide variety of animals for food to keep your health levels up
FreeCraft Pocket Edition - FreeCraft Pocket Edition Sandbox Game Voxel-based Play this exciting sandbox game that’ll let you do absolutely anything you want to.

Enjoy multiple different game modes, each with its own set of rules.

Utilize your creativity to build many amazing structures as you make your way through the game.
Voxelands - Voxelands Sandbox Game Exploration Voxel-based Play this addicting sandbox game that’ll have you glued to your screen for hours.

Explore an enormous game world that’s filled to the brim with adventure and opportunity.

Craft new items that’ll help you out tremendously on your journey.
Planet of Cubes - Planet of Cubes Sandbox Game Survival Building Voxel-based Enjoy this exciting sandbox MMO in which you’ll get to explore a massive game world.

Play the creative mode and put together massive structures by putting your creativity to the test.

Craft powerful weapons and use them to annihilate any mobs that stand in your path.
Roblox 10 Roblox Sandbox Game Monsters Car Voxel-based Participate in endless games and adventures.

Challenge the limits of your imagination and creativity.

Become a developer and create your own games.
Exploration Lite 8 Exploration Lite Sandbox Game Building Exploration Voxel-based Choose from a wide variety of blocks and build whatever you like

Explore the procedurally-generated, voxel-based world in Exploration Lite

Activate flying mode and enjoy building or exploring from above the ground
Utopia Realms 8 Utopia Realms Virtual World Sandbox Game Voxel-based Create your own world from scratch.

Craft weapons and equipment from materials you collect around the world.

Play single-player, or explore other players’ worlds with many others.

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