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Games that allow you to craft your own weapons, tools, furniture, pets, foodstuff and/or other items. To craft, you'll usually need to first gather the necessary ingredients or materials and possibly the blueprints or recipes of the item you want to craft. Villagers and Heroes 10 Villagers and Heroes Sandbox Game Animals Garden Crafting Decorațiuni Case Fantasy Setting Fermă Customize your character and choose your skills.

Discover new quests and enjoy your adventure.

Build your own village and forge your own story.
Survival Craft Online - Survival Craft Online Sandbox Game Construire Jucător vs. Jucător Competitive Crafting Survival Hunting Arena Survive in the ancient civilization with sticks and stones in Survival Craft Online.

Collect resources, hunt for food and fight random players from all over the world.

Battle in an epic Arena mode and finish as many players as you can in a limited time.
The Blockheads - The Blockheads Sandbox Game Construire Crafting Use the correct tools to collect materials from the game environment for crafting

Craft a wide variety of tools, furniture, blocks and other items

Build whatever you like while making sure that your blockheads are happy and well-rested
Craftworld : Build & Craft - Craftworld : Build & Craft Sandbox Game Survival City Building Monsters Construire Crafting Let your imagination run wild and build everything you want to in Craftworld: Build & Craft.

Enjoy the creative and survival mode and play against players from around the globe.

Choose your own avatar and start crafting your very own world.
Exploration Pro - Exploration Pro Aventură Sandbox Game Empire Building City Building Construire Crafting Management Let your imaginations run wild and build whatever you want in Exploration Pro.

Use unlimited resources to make your own world in flat, earth or flying boxes terrains.

Make entire cities with easy to use controls and limitless imagination.
Game of Cubes - Game of Cubes Sandbox Game Survival Construire Crafting Be creative and build away anything that comes to your mind in Game of Cubes.

Play with no restrictions of resources or available space.

Try out the survival mode and the creative mode in this amazing game.
Mini World: Block Art - Mini World: Block Art Sandbox Game Survival Animals Crafting Explore an epic open world in this amazing sandbox adventure Mini World: Block Art.

Craft valuable items and maintain your health to survive the longest.

Collect resources and hunt down animals to satisfy your hunger.
WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft - WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft Sandbox Game Construire Crafting Survival Social Play this highly immersive sandbox style game in which there are absolutely endless possibilities.

Put your creativity to the test and create many exciting structures by using the tools and resources that the game puts at your disposal.

Enjoy massive worlds built by real players and help out by building them even further.

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