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10 Trove 1 Played Trove Sandbox Game Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Immerse yourself in this extraordinary game that blends together sandbox gameplay with a RPG elements.

Travel across a massive game world that’s filled to the brim with amazing sights to see.

Complete challenging quests that’ll take you into the deepest and darkest corners of the world where dangerous foes lurk.
9 Utopia Realms 2 Played Utopia Realms Virtual World Sandbox Game Voxel-based Create your own world from scratch.

Craft weapons and equipment from materials you collect around the world.

Play single-player, or explore other players’ worlds with many others.
8 Haven and Hearth 2 Played Haven and Hearth Sandbox Game Survival Building Guilds Develop your in-world skills to have a better chance of survival.

Forge alliances with other players by forming Kinships within the game.

Construct your own Havens, or defend them from other players.
7 Cubic Castles 2 Played Cubic Castles Sandbox Game Platformer Build up a world of your very own in this spectacular MMO sandbox.

Construct many amazing levels and sequences that other players will try to complete.

Make friends and visit each other’s worlds to see how well they’ve been designed.
6 Minecraft 2 Played Minecraft Sandbox Game Co-op Kid Safe Voxel-based Player vs Player (PvP) Adventure Mine for blocks in the expansive, voxel-based world in Minecraft to craft useful objects

Create masterpieces ranging from lavish homes to magnificent monuments in the game

Fight dangerous creatures that come out when it's dark and explore the many caverns of the underworld
5 Wurm Online 2 Played Wurm Online Sandbox Game Monsters Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Experience one of the most realistic sandbox world simulators ever.

Create your own settlements from scratch, from the ground up.

Work with other players to build your settlements, or connive to invade other existing settlements and take control.
4 Kogama 2 Played Kogama Sandbox Game Car Player vs Player (PvP) Choose from virtually thousands of free games.

Earn experience and gain rewards from leveling up.

Acquire a different experience with each game you play.
3 The Sandbox 3 Played The Sandbox Sandbox Game Magic Mini Games The Gods Play as the creator and build a world of your own with bodies of land and water.

Choose from the many elements in the game, such as stone, soil, and water to build your world.

Introduce humans into it and either help or destroy civilizations as you see fit.
2 WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft 52 Played WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft Sandbox Game Building Crafting Survival Social Play this highly immersive sandbox style game in which there are absolutely endless possibilities.

Put your creativity to the test and create many exciting structures by using the tools and resources that the game puts at your disposal.

Enjoy massive worlds built by real players and help out by building them even further.
1 PK XD 68 Played PK XD Adventure Sandbox Game Kid Safe Open World Set yourself free in an open world filled with a variety of themes and adventure

Customize your avatar with the wackiest and coolest outfits, and meet a bunch of new friends

Chill and have fun in a safe and stress-free environment where you can mess around exploring the world

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